The First Floral Company has been successfully operating for 10 years already. For all the years of our work, we were able to gather a full staff of professionals, to gain vast experience and create a partner network throughout Ukraine. We try to constantly develop in the sphere of gardening and phytodesign, and our clients appreciate our stability and professionalism. For convenience, we divided our activities into 4 areas:

  1.  Internet shop of artificial and room plants, decorative hedges - plants.pervaya.com.ua
  2.  Internet shop of pots, pots and decor for home - shop.pervaya.com.ua
  3.  Landscaping of interiors and care of plants in offices and houses - indoor.pervaya.com.ua
  4.  Maintenance of landscaped areas - outdoor.pervaya.com.ua

The sale of pots and plants is one of the main activities of our company. A large assortment of pots, designed for indoor and outdoor plants, which offers customers The First Floral  Company offers truly great opportunities for our customers. Due to a wide choice, everyone can find in our online store suitable options for landscaping residential and office premises or for the improvement of gardens and plots. We are always happy to offer our customers to purchase in the online store quality indoor and office plants from Holland, artificial plants and other home decor, necessary for decorating interiors.

Landscaping of interiors and maintenance of landscape areas is another direction of our company's work. We have gathered in the staff of the First Floral Company highly qualified specialists who are always ready to transform your premises or plot with green spaces, to create the most comfortable and beautiful space. Our phytodesigners have a wide assortment (more than 10 thousand) of flower pots, plants, planting material with which they can help in landscaping and maintenance of offices, apartments, houses and restaurants. We will help you create a real mini-garden in any room and area! Create beauty together with us!