The First Floral company has been on the market for more than a decade. Over these years, we have gathered a complete roster of dedicated professionals with a vast collective experience and develop an extensive affiliate network across Ukraine. As a one-stop provider of plantscaping and plant design services and products, we strive to constantly evolve and build on our hard-won reputation of being capable and reliable. For your convenience, our website is divided into four major sections:

1. plants.pervaya.com.ua - indoor plants, artificial plants, and decorative hedging online store

2. decor.pervaya.com.ua - flower pots, planters, cache pots, and home decor online store

3. indoor.pervaya.com.ua - interior plant design 

4. care.pervaya.com.ua - plant care for home and office

Of course, what we do first and foremost is sell plants and planters. The First Floral's extensive range of planters and pots for indoor and outdoor plants provides our customers with a truly wide choice,  covering everyone's needs comprehensively and offering products and product combinations for any type of interior plant design or plantscaping solution. We are delighted to carry premium-quality plants for home and office from the top Dutch producers, faux flowers and greenery, and other decorative articles.

Our primary services include plantscaping and plant care for home and office. The First Floral's highly competent professionals are always prepared to assist you for plant and create a fresher for indoor space that is truly comfortable and eye-pleasing. Our plant designers have more than ten thousand flower pots, plants, and seeding materials to choose from for your project - be it your home, office, or public space business. We can create a genuine miniature garden in any indoor space. 

Make the world around you beautiful the way it should be - with the First Floral Company.